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123SecureID - Premium security for your domainname portfolio protects the access to your domain portfolio with a number of measures. Upon request, customers requiring high-security access to their domains can use 123SecureID to establish an effective protection against phishing of login data.


Identity theft is a serious offense and enterprise and business customers are increasingly aware of this threat. Phishing attacks are best known from the field of online banking. Attackers redirect customers to the wrong bank domain in an attempt to collect credit card data or to gain access to the account itself and account-related TANs. This information is used for fraudulent account activity. Besides with online banking this risk exists for each site that uses access data in the form of user names and passwords. Therefore also the access to a domainname portfolio may be affected and can be compromised.

Once an attacker gets his hands on username and password, he also gains access to the domainname portfolio and not only can infer information on the company's strategic decissions from the overview of the complete domainname portfolio, but can also take over control of mission-critical domainnames. He can change DNS entries for specific domains, reroute emails to his own (or captured) server and even transfer domainnames to another registrar.


Security Measures already protects your account using a number of measures, eg. blocking access after a fixed number of failed attempts to login, as well as manual verificiation of critical actions regarding your domainname portfolio.

In addition, with 123SecureID offers an effective protection against phishing attempts or attacks by Trojan horses. 123SecureID is based on the well established method of two-factor authentication and protects your portfolio in such a way that even a spy or an accidental discovery of the access data poses no threat.


What is Two-Factor-Authentication (TFA)?

Two-factor authentication ensures that only authorized people actually get access to a customer account and no unauthorized access can happen at all.

Two-factor authentication is a method that every 30 seconds generates a new one-time-password (token) only know to you. You gain access to your domainname portfolio by entering two different types of information: first something you know (username and password) and second something you physically hold in your hands (a Two-factor authentication security card or a mobile phone with a special software / app). So you basically combine your knowledge of username and password with a reference you own.


Wie funktioniert 123SecureID?

123SecureID is as easy to use as a traditional login:

To login to the customer interface of you still need enter something you know: your customer number, your username and your personal password.

Additionally you enter your reference by typing in the one-time-password. This token can either be created by a software (app) on your mobile phone or can be created by pressing a button on a token and is only valid for a limited, short amount of time. A token is a small device with a LCD display in form of a keyring or a credit card.


Advantages of 123SecureID

With 123SecureID an additional security measure is offered that protects your domainname portfolio from unauthorized access. Make your domain management even more secure! Do not let unauthorized attacks just happen and allow possibly improper access to your domainname portfolio. Prevent that private information and strategies are viewed, the configuration of your domains is maliciously changed or with criminal intent transfered, and thus you and your customers are harmed.


Order 123SecureID is the special when it comes to domainname management and has teamed with VeriSign, the provider of authentification services for more than 500.000 websites.

Verisign Identity Protection

With 123SecureID you can choose between a software application on your mobile phone or a hardware token for Two-Factor authentication. Both is then linked with your customer account and by pushing a button will provide you with a one-time password to use within your login to's customer interface. For more information please contact's support.



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