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Additional services

In the surrounding field of domain management a set of services can be found, which of course offers with the same competence, care and reliability as the domain management itself.

Hosting / Housing

To be visible to the world wide web and participate in email conversations you not only need a domain name – the actual address – but also webspace and email-postboxes. offers all services at first hand – from different highly available web space packages over virtual root servers to dedicated machines and individual solutions. Of course you can rely on the technical competence and personal consulting service of

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Content Management System

To allow editors to concentrate on the essence of their work, the production of content, efficient content management systems are nowadays used to maintain middle- and large-sized web sites. Content management systems not only relieve you from the necessity of technical knowledge but also from concerns about corporate design.

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Email certificates

You put your written correspondence into an envelope to protect it from curious views and alterations. Emails however are sent through the internet like postcards: with little expenditure these messages can be intercepted, read and also changed. By means of email certificates you can protect your confidential data and put your emails into an „electronic envelope“.

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SSL certificates

Information, which is exchanged over the world wide web, is insecure without further measures. At small technical expenditure these information can be intercepted and changed. Even more serious is the fact that criminal elements can foist falsified web pages on impartial and technically experienced users to get hold on credit card data or banks account.

SSL certificates provide for am encrypted transmission of data and identify the web site clearly and comprehensibly for normal users.

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