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DNSSEC - Security Extensions supports DNSSEC signing for almost every TLD and offers its customers automated signing and key rollover mechanisms. For furtherinformation feel free to contact our support staff. Furthermore supports DANE (DNS-based Authentication of Named Entities) and supports DNS entry types that are relevant for DANE. has supported the "DNSSEC testbed for Germany" initiative and has contributed a part to the introduction of DNSSEC for the .de TLD.


The Domain Name System (DNS) without DNSSEC extension does not protect the DNS data against falsification during transit. Thus there is a risk that an attacker alters DNS data on the route to the customers and they see the content of an other web server than he originally wanted. Theses vulnerabilities known by the Kaminsky report represent a major threat to the reliability of the DNS system and must be corrected by appropriate remedial actions. DNSSEC (Domain Name System Security Extensions) is an extension of the DNS allowing DNS to be signed digitally and the being verified on the receiver's side.

DNSSEC therefore represents an important and indispensable technology for all customers that depend on DNS data being transmitted unaltered and safely to their end users. For DNSSEC to work the recipient of DNS data must already be familiar with one or more digital signatures which he trusts. Similar to SSL certificates these signatures must be made available to the recipient of the DNA data beforehand. If the recipient knows the signature of the German registry (DeNIC) and DeNIC themselves signs the .de zone, he can verify responses of .de nameservers and check them for alterations by third parties during transit.Furthermore if DeNIC publishes within the DNS data for the .de zone the signature for the recipient can even verify the data sent by's nameservers in the same way.


Signing of your domain name portfolio supports DNSSEC signing and offers its customers the signing of their DNS data. Please contact the support staff for further information.


Consulting is co-initiator of the "DNSSEC testbed for Germany" initiative and gladly offers consulting services and advice on all aspects of DNSSEC to interested customers.


Signing of your domain name portfolio

The DNSSEC signing of the following toplevel domains is currently supported by

.com .net .org .at .be .ch .cz .de .eu .fr .li .lu .me .se




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