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Hosting / Housing

Beside the registration and maintenance of domain names of course also offers extensive services within the range of hosting websites and housing server systems.

Highly available webspace packages

In order to make your website visible in the world wide web, you need a server that is connected to the internet 24 hours a day. offers highly available webspace packages in different sizes on clustered servers. Of course all our packages contain storage space for email postboxes. Read more on our offers here.


Dedicated and virtual rootservers

If the requirements for the website grow or you want to use applications, which go beyond the scope of a website with database binding, can put custom-made dedicated and virtual rootserver systems at your disposal. You will find detailed information on the following page.


Housing offers the possibility to shelter your own server hardware in our data center. Through this you profit from the professional environment of a data center and optionally can use additional services as 24/7/365 server monitoring or backup strategies. The following page is concerned with the possibilities of housing a server with



For you domains to be available to your customers reliably all data necessary for the technical operation has to be made available through the domain name system (DNS). The DNS provides the so-called "name resolution", converting the domain name and other subdomain names in the corresponding IP addresses of your web or mail servers. Without the DNS your domain names would be merely emptry shells with no content, therefore a failure of the DNS service for a domain name is equivalent to its non-existence. operates a global network of redundant name servers, which are monitored 24x7 and in this way provides for a maximum availability of your domain names.

Read more on's DNS services and DNSSEC.


Monitoring / Datacenter operates its own data center at the company’s location in Dortmund. Details on the technical specifications and security you can find on this page.




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