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Domain Name Service

The Domain Name System (DNS) provides for the translation (name resolution) of domain names in the technical data relevant for the operation of the domain name. The reliable and safe operation of DNS servers is an essential prerequisite for the availability of your domain names. operates several networks of redundant name servers throughout the world, monitoring those systems 24x7h and in this way offers a particularly reliable DNS service. offers customers who are in the need of particularly fail-safe DNS services appropriate Service Level Agreements, too. Furthermore supports DNSSEC and offers advice on the introduction and use of DNSSEC.


DNSSEC (Domain Name System Security Extensions) is an extension of the DNS, allowing DNS data to be digitally signed and therefore makes its correctness verifiable by the recipient. Therefore DNSSEC is an important and indispensable technology for all partys being dependent on the unfalsified transmission of operational data to their customers. Customers expect to land on the correct web page when entering the domain name of their online bank. The bank needs to ensure that indeed the correct web server IP address reaches the customer. Without DNSSEC, this is not possible, and in rare cases, an attacker may even change the IP addresses stored for a specific domain name. With DNSSEC, the DNS data is signed by the appropriate name servers and its accuracy can be verified by the customer's system. supports the DNSSEC testbed for Germany and contributes its part to the introduction of DNSSEC in order to speed up the introduction process and simplify its use.

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Service Level Agreements

The availability of the DNS server is one of the essential prerequisites for the availability of domain names, and thus one of the key parameters in the measurement of total availability. offers for its DNS server networks corresponding service level agreements (SLAs) that assure an appropriate availability and function of individual servers, thus documenting understandable the total availability of your domain names. Talk to's support for more information.




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