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To guarantee the first-class quality reached in the field of domain management for services around hosting und housing also operates its own data center at the company’s location in Dortmund. On these premises servers for web- and mailhosting of customers as well as dedicated and virtual rootservers are housed.


The data center reaches an availability of 99.99% in the annual average. This is dued to a redundant connection to the internet over two different carriers, the consequent use of highly-productive and reliable network components from Cisco Systems and Linksys as well as the use of server components of well-known manufacturers or Dell server systems.

The server systems and active network components are supplied via a system of uninterruptible power supplies. Even in case of a total power failure hardware damages are no longer possible.

In the case of a fire an argon gas fire extinguishing system protects servers and network hardware. Within seconds the area affected is flooded with the inert gas argon to suffocate a fire already in the beginning.


Software uses the open source operating system Linux on the most part of its servers. Linux offers a large protection against attacks on servers as security holes are closed very fast by the developers. For customers, who would like to implement ASP.NET solutions, offers hosting solutions on basis of the Microsoft Windows Server 2003 and Microsoft Windows Server 2003.

The operability and health of the servers and services are supervised 24/7/365 by independent monitoring services. In the case of initiating problems several service technicians are informed simultaneously by email and short message service. In this way they can become active before any customers notice a failure.




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