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Details on the ».SU« toplevel

Information on this toplevel
Toplevel Former Soviet Union
Status active
Amount per registrant unlimited
Restrictions none
Naming restrictions no
Who may register?
Individuals all individuals
Companies all companies
Registration prerequisites
Further prerequisites none
Information on registration
Processing time 5 working days

Former Soviet Union

Registration 101,55 € Provider Change 46,41 €
1 year 70,21 € Owner Change 94,01 €
2 years 135,66 € Update 23,80 €
4 years 264,18 € Deletion 53,55 €

All prices include 19% sales taxes.

Please notice that all prices shown are for the registration or provider change of a single domain name. If you intend to register a number of domain names or complete portfolios please contact the support for an individual quotation.

Name .su


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