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The philosophy "domain names at first hand"

The philosophy "domain names at first hand" simplifies the way to your desired domain name considerably. If you otherwise had to ask many different dealers for the registration of your domain names in each top level domain, can take the whole burden off of you.

With our philosophy of "domain names at first hand" we were able to convince some considerable customers during the last ten years. But what means "at first hand" and what advantages for you result from it? Below you find a conception of our philosophy.

The normal case

International domain registration usually means a high administrative effort for medium-size businesses and large enterprises:

Not all dealers offer all top level domains to you. For an international domain name portfolio you have to select a number of different dealers to cover all top level domains.

Whether a dealer registers a domain name directly with the registry or acts as a reseller for an other ISP remains hidden to the customer in most cases. Thus one usually recognizes which ISP obtained the domain name directly from the registry only after registration on basis of the WHOIS data. In many cases this is not the entrusted ISP because domain management – in particular of exotic top level domains – normally is not in the core business of an internet service provider and these services are typically bought from third parties.

Apart from purely pragmatic drawbacks like different contacts and numerous different order procedures there are also serious economical disadvantages. For example the partially high number of middlemen leads to increased purchase prices. Long running times of documents can cause failures to observe time-limits which can lead to higher costs. Or at worst to the loss of a domain name if it comes to errors due to the many stations involved along the path.


Domain management with facilitates the international domain management with the concept "domains at first hand" substantially. For over ten years directly contacts the registries and maintains memberships with the most important ones. Through such memberships gains access to the official technical registration interfaces of the registries –straight from the horse’s mouth, so to say. This vouches for shortest communication ways and high quality of the registration and maintenance process. If registries do not offer a direct registrar membership, nevertheless approaches the registry directly and does not register domain names by means of unnecessary middlemen. If this is not possible either, for example as under the rules of the registry a local internet service provider is needed, is locally supported by reliable partners.

This philosophy offers substantial economical and administrative advantages for you as a customer. The direct contact to the registries avoids transmission errors, shortens communication ways and provides for the fastest possible registration. A central partner provides for all aspects of domain management – from the consultation and registration up to the entire management of the domain names with Furthermore offers an extensive range of additional services, which offer further support to you.

And finally the processing "at first hand" has the advantage of uniform invoicing without bank charges and exchange rate fluctuations.




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