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Trustee service

There are registries that do not assign domain names in the same open way as for example the Belgian or the registry for .com domain names. Thus for example in France it is demanded that the administrative contact is supplied with a French contact address. The same applies to Finland, Hungary, Germany and some other countries. In Norway only local companies may apply for a domain name – and the amount is even limited to 10 domain names per registered company. as trustee

If the registration rules demand for a local contact in many cases can help with the registration. Since the foundation of the company 10 years ago and the beginning of international domain management has expanded its network of trustees continually. There are now trustworthy partners in many countries – most of them lawyers or local internet service providers. In some countries even subsidiaries were founded.


How it works

If a domain name is to be registered in you name in a country whose registry demands for a local contact and you are unable to provide for one can execute the registration through a local trustee. During the process a contract between the trustee and yourself is concluded that defines the right of ownership to the domain name as well as all rights and liabilities of trustee and trustor.



This trustee service is currently offered by for the following toplevel domain names:

  • Norway(.no)
  • France (.fr)
  • Germany (.de)
  • Europe (.eu)
  • Hungary (.hu)
  • Finland (.fi)
  • Asia (.asia)
  • Bulgaria (.bg)
  • Europe (.eu)
  • Brasil (

Do you wish to register a domain name in a country that requires a local contact and is not present in the list of's trustee service? Please get into contact with as the network of trustees is constantly expanding.'s support will help you gladly.