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Just like natural persons companies also need an identity to get recognized in the economic environment. One of the most important market places of modern times is the internet and a clear identification is required from each participant to avoid perishing between literarily billions of websites.

Why would you need domain management?

Do you have the domain names that describe you company, your producsts, your services the best? Do you have domain names registered in all top level domains to clearly express the necessary internationality and to publish localized versions of you website?


What can do for you

If the domain name you wish for is currently not available, it does not necessarily mean it can not be procured – competently and effectily helps you with the purchase of unavailable domain names.

Registering country-specific top level domain names bring with itself country-specific registration procedures including partly completely different regulations and request modalities. You do not have to do do this administration effort by yourself – is member of the most important registries and hence knows all registration procedures. Even in countries that require a local contact address for the assignment of domain names, in most cases can make a registration through trustees.

Furthermore the possession of a large domain name portfolio means a lot of administration throughout run time, e.g. verification of invoices from all registries and the punctual extension of the registration for all domain names. also takes on theses tasks for you and offers you the complete range of domain management from one source.




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