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Since June 2012 it is common knowledge what applications for new generic toplevel domain names (gTLDs) have been handed in with the ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers).  The first phase of the application procedure for the assignment of new gTLDs was completed by ICANN in April already, but now an overview of the new gTLDs (also naming the applicants) has been published.

The Top Contested TLDs

ICANN is a private non-profit organization and responsibilities include the procurement and supervision of the TLDs. After years of debate it is now clear that the Internet name space should be expanded to include new gTLDs. After the extensive application process is finished,  now different opposition and testing phases are following. It is assumed that earliest in 9 to 20 months it will be clear what new gTLDs will be introduced by ICANN. Whether those will also be available for registration to the general public depends on the particular registration conditions of the gTLD's sponsor.

Applications distributed by region

Of the total of 1930 applications we have identifed the most interesting gTLDs that are most probably available to the public. Here you can request your desired domain(s) under the new gTLDs such as "web", ".shop" or ".mail". Once it is determined under what conditions and when the gTLDs are available, you will be informed about that by our staff. You then decide individually what domain name we may register for you.

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