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On this page you find some information about special features of our customer interface.

"Alias Name Records" (ANAME)

In some special settings CNAME- or A-records are no solution, i.e. when using Content Delivery Networks using Round Robin and/or Load Balancing mechanisms. For this we created a special service: "Alias Name Records (ANAMEs)".

ANAME records are no dns records specified in RFC. ANAMEs are alias records that allow you to map any record within your domain to a target host name. In DNS not the target hostname but only the IPs of the target hostname are visible. These records will be updated regularly by our service.

Creating an ANAME record is very simple with our customer interface in section "DNS configuration". When an ANAME record is created, service resolves the target FQDN to an IP address or set of IP addresses and add this information to their DNS server network. If there is a change of records for this target host name 123domain service will update the specific records automatically on all related nameservers. The refreshing intervall is based on the TTL you add to the ANAME record in our customer interface. A new zone is generated only if there are changes on target side."




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