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Domain name trading

The field of domain name trading has developed into a flourishing business during the last years. Thousands of domain names are auctioned and sold every day while the market has reached an economical size of several million Euro.

For many years has been cooperating with Sedo GmbH, one of the largest commercial platform for domain names. uses Sedo’s escrow service when acquiring domain names in the name of a customer. Sedo however resorts to the know-how of 123domain staff members when it comes to complicated transfers of domain names.

At Sedo’s you can:

  • Sell your domain names
  • Offer your domain names as advertising space
  • Get your domain names assessed

Thus you use every one of your domain names for money-making – even those you have parked for later use so far.

Of course also supports you with the acquisition of a domain name over the commercial platform of Sedo.




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